For Rohith

We at university have too much faith in words. We look for them staring in to blank sheets chewing at the back of our pens. Sometimes the words appear right before our eyes. In the death knells of last words we remembered to see life.   I know these pillars and walls sculpted with hope, … More For Rohith


So much we’ve ever felt is in the kitchen between the cracking of egg shells against greasy surfaces and the thousand crumbs of burnt toast on your shirt You move noisily from toaster to pan back to refrigerator I stir silently, dreamily engrossed in the batter of shapes You speak to your self sometimes to … More Crumbs


I hold on to your words as do clothes to a drenched body A cold wet moon anchors the vast morning sky Hawks soar like unbidden promises in the wind I know by the treble of their wings they’ve lived through far too many still days.

Dream II

Tails can wag themselves to thin air Nose velvet cold on my palm you again wandering for biscuits Here’s one and another another another No diets here No calories to burn Like a vacuum you tend to the crumbs. You want to walk left in the grass overgrown muddy puddles while I walk right You … More Dream II

Dream I

Do you know the dream that does not believe itself? I still dream of you. In sleep In dreams you’re always a visitor never ready to carve yourself a memory dense enough to remain In town for only today Crouched on the floor we’re talking almost in to each others ears Close enough for your … More Dream I


They were pilgrims on a bus driven off the curve on a mountain top straight in to the arms of God. She, an accidental pilgrim bones light with love Where did she go? His heart beating fast crunched to a halt- a prayer bitten moments before escaping the mouth.


I She feels it coming- A strange foreboding Just as a fisherwoman raises her nose to the sky and smells rain on a clear day. Somebody is strumming a dismal melody inside her. But she knows now to breathe deeply Walk quickly Back and forth- like a madwoman. When nothing works she knows to place … More Period.


Doors open Grain spills- Un-contained Sifted from chaff Left out to dry under the sun Pecked at by passing birds… You gaze at me half frowningly Hunting the granaries in your mind for a misplaced moment for thoughts carelessly swept away between peeling walls and forgotten belongings … But the grains, they slip between your … More Memory


On days we sit next to each other not a hair’s breadth apart Yet my words slide off your shoulder and splash on the ground And days when knee-deep in dreams I forget for an instant that hand resting on my thigh is not yours but my own Such days are irreconcilable. फासला जिन दिनों … More Distance


She woke up with a strange desire A poem stuck in her throat Too far down to spit out Too high up to swallow Wedged somewhere in between Where precisely, she couldn’t tell A tide of anger, she couldn’t quell Sudden dissatisfaction Carried over Like the sand Discovered months later In her shoes and the … More Poetry